Wedding Glam And What It Entails

Competition in the world is constantly on the rise. People are competing with each other for every single thing in their lives. They want to be the most beautiful looking out of the lot, they want to own the most expensive smartphone, they want to be earning the most amount of money and they want to be seen driving around in the most expensive car. There is nothing in this world that is free of competition. Each and every professional is competing with each other to be the best in the industry. Each and every stay at home mom is competing with each to be the best out of the gang. So did you think that when it came to weddings the situation would be anything different? Check out here for wedding photo.

The answer is no

The situation is absolutely not any different even with regard to weddings. People want to outdo the other person and their wedding whenever they start planning their wedding. For example if one of their friends or relatives recently had a wedding and had done a pre wedding shoot  for it, then they will also plan to have one. This is how the trend is currently. People have a preconceived idea of how they want their wedding day to be totally based on what they have seen at weddings they have attended so far. There is nothing original and unique to what they are planning

And what more they plan things in such a way that it will always be portrayed like they were able to outdo the other person’s efforts. Because for example, when it comes to the photoshoot before the wedding, if someone had one they will try to copy the same thing as well as go one step higher by trying to get an pregnancy photo done. And it’s not only about the photography that they try and do better. With regard to every aspect of the wedding this will be their intention. From choosing the decorations to the attire to the cuisine and even the wedding and reception location they will always have in mind what the other person did and base their decisions on that.

So you see when the competitive streak has taken over every aspect of our lives, who can blame the brides who want to be competitive even when it comes to their weddings. This is the reason you see an increasing number of bridezillas these days because they want to make sure nothing goes wrong with the way they planned their wedding.