How to Make that Birthday Party Exciting


Whether it is for an adult or a kid, birthday parties are fun to have. Organizing though can be a nightmare, especially if you want it to stand out. Hiring a fairy princess or a clown for the day in kids parties have been done so many times it’s become lacklustre; party or drinking games at adult’s parties are almost clichés now. So if you want to make your next party memorable, follow one or all of the guidelines below.
Celebrity Appearances to Save the Day
Granted, they are a little expensive. But if the birthday boy/ girl (adult) is a serious fan of some famous celebrity or fictional character, there are agencies that will pay them to make a quick appearance at your party. While Brad Pitt may too far out of your league, several lesser stars have been known to make appearances at parties. If the original is too expensive, consider hiring lookalikes. Professional lookalikes charge by the hour, are a lot more affordable and train themselves to look and act like the celebrity they are impersonating. For children, there are plenty of agencies that will provide cartoon and movie characters to act out a little skit involving your child to make them feel special.
A Photo Strip to Capture the Day
In this day and age of digital photography, there is something charming about taking a Polaroid picture. Or at least, to get the photograph as soon as you take the shot. A photo booth in Perth WA hire will give you exactly that: for adults, it’s a chance to recapture that lost sense of childish mischief and fun, and make some crazy memories.
For children, it’s a fun experience that they can participate in without adult supervision. A photo booth hire can be done with a single phone call, with services usually advertised in yellow pages or online. They are usually available per day or by the hour so work out a plan that fits the party best.
An Unorthodox Location to Mark the Day
Parents like to hold children’s birthday parties at a place they can easily clean up i.e. their house. Adult parties also tend to be in homes, or at hotels, bars and reception halls. All of which, have happened so many times that if you go to one party, you’ve been to them all. Instead of the same old boring place, why not change things up a bit? Parents, invite the children to a birthday picnic in the park, and take some toys and games with you to distract them while you lay out the spread. By the time the children come back to eat, they will be so famished that you can put down mundane peanut butter and jam sandwiches and they will gobble it up. Adults, think different locations like a garden cafe.